Marathon expands their case-making capabilities!

Most of my blog posts focus on the “sizzle”, not the “steak”.  As in, we like to show off the final product, and not bore people with the details of how we make the sausage.  But on certain occasions the technology we possess is the key to a project’s success.

Kolbus DA 260 Case making machine, capable of 40 cases per minute

As Marathon has grown it’s book printing and photobook fulfillment client base over the last several years, it became evident of the need for a more fully automatic case maker vs the semi automatic machines we had been relying on since we got into this market. Late October of 2020, Marathon received shipment of a brand new case making machine from Kolbus of Germany. This  case making machine provides high quality precision coupled with high speed production. The Kolbus DA 260 can run 40 hard covers  per minute  (2400 per hour).  So at this point we now have several semi-automatic case making machines, (great for one-off to smaller qty’s)  along with state of the art case-in machinery, both semi automatic and fully automatic. Not only will this addition allow us to eliminate seasonal bottlenecks in the case making area during peak seasons, but will also allow us to be more competitive on larger run length custom hard cover book projects moving forward!  Certain jobs we previously didn’t quote on or were not competitive on in quantities over 500 books are now much more within our reach.


Closeup of the board feeder unit on the floor in action at Marathon
Front View on the floor at Marathon

Taking risks on purchasing new bindery equipment is not done without foresight and planning. With the equipment described here, it has been a game changer to the production and overall work flow at Marathon.

As we head into 2021, Marathon is now firmly equipped with one of the most state of the art printing and binding facilities in the midwest and beyond. We welcome the opportuity to discuss your needs. Feel free to contact me below or fill out a quote request here.



Martin Pugh

Book Publishing Manager,

VP Product Development

Marathon Press