Foil Stamping

Cloth Bound Hard Cover Journals with Copper Foil Stamp using a custom die up to 6″ x 8″ area on front cover

Foil Stamping is a widely used cover decoration technique used on hard cover books. This specialized printing process uses heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film. Foil stamping is produced on a number of various sized machines at Marathon. Our largest die size on a front cover is 6 x 8″.

Minimal sized stamping area on a larger over sized edition creates a compelling cover design
Foil Stamp Closeup
Silver Foil stamp on Front & Spine over Black imitation leather

Foil stamping standard colors are: Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, and Blue, Many specialty colors such as holographic foil can be sourced for custom projects.

Gold Foil Stamp on front & spine over Verona book cloth
Blue Holographic Foil over specialty with inset image and cover material from Vahallan
Example of the sleeking foil technique (in silver) over black imitation leather