Foil Stamping

Cloth Bound Hard Cover Journals with Copper Foil Stamp using a custom die up to 6″ x 8″ area on front cover

Foil Stamping is a widely used cover decoration technique used on hard cover books. This specialized printing process uses heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film. Foil stamping is produced on a number of various sized machines at Marathon. Our largest die size on a front cover is 6 x 8″.

Minimal sized stamping area on a larger over sized edition creates a compelling cover design
Foil Stamp Closeup
Silver Foil stamp on Front & Spine over Black imitation leather

Foil stamping standard colors are: Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, and Blue, Many specialty colors such as holographic foil can be sourced for custom projects.

Gold Foil Stamp on front & spine over Verona book cloth
Blue Holographic Foil over specialty with inset image and cover material from Vahallan
Example of the sleeking foil technique (in silver) over black imitation leather


Foil Stamp Swatch Cards

We have stamped  Gold/Silver/White/Black foils on a number of various cloth colors to help with visualization and help choosing Foil Color/Cloth cominations and choices.

Arrestox B
Black V199
Arrrestox B L400
Sea Depth
Arrestox B Cloth
Fern L535
Arrestox B Cloth
Light Blue
Arrestox B
Mixed Berry L642
Pearl Linen B Cloth
Smoke Screen 10500
Arrestox B
Wicker L 310
Pearl Linen B
Pepto Pink 60200

Examples of Debossing and Inset Tip on Images for Book Covers

The version on the left uses Matte Black Foil + Debossing. The version on the left features a debossed, tip on image + Black and White Foil
Red Verona Cloth Close-up view of the deboss plate + the Matte Black foil
Book Design on this project for the Ute tribe supervised by Encarnita Rivera, photography by Anthony Two Moons for The Center for Rural Outreach

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Free Consultation for Individuals & organizations!

When it's time to print your book, let us be your guide!
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With over 30 years of Book Publishing experience, Marathon Press has helped thousands of clients self-publish anywhere from 20 to 50,000 copies of their book titles. Marathon has worked with several of the top names and organizations in the photography and photobook industry.

Wire-o Bound Booklets and Calendars

Twin Loop, Mechanical Binding

Wire-o Binding for Calendars, Cookbooks and more!
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Some of the style variations we offer are: *Soft cover Wire-O, *Hard cover Wire-O and *Concealed Wire-O (both hard cover and soft cover) * Twin Loop with Calendar Hanger

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Sizes from 8 x 8 up to 14 x 19" !

Layflat Albums
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Marathon’s Layflat Albums are produced with German Pro Photo paper which has a matte finish and a neutral white point with a slight shimmer. Water resistant so you can easily clean off a spill. Acid free and chlorine free.

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Let us be your Guide!

Choose between printed hard cover or cloth bound with optional foil stamping. Optional dust jacket printing with 3 lamination options

Let us help guide you to the most appropriate paper options for your book project. We have 9 standard text options and 6 standard soft cover weight options for paperback books.

We have a long track record of award winning quality work for some of the most demanding artists and photographers in the industry!

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