Center Sewn Binding

Center Sewn Binding

Center Sewn Binding  is used on booklets and products such as bank passport style books, journals, promo catalogs and many other distinctive applications.

Spice up the format with rounded corners, or colored threads!  Standard  thread color  is white, but we can special order a variety of colors depending on your needs.

2 Variations of Center Sewn Binding are:

*Soft Cover Center Sewn * Hard cover Center Sewn

Minimum page count is 8 pages , max page count depends on weight of paper. Typically ranges are  48 – 64 pages, of a 70 lb uncoated text or 80 lb coated text  + cover weight. Hard cover formats can be offered in a variety of materials and finishing options.

Min Book Size (folded): 3″ x  4″    Open size:  6″ w x 4″ H

Max Book Size (folded): 10″ x 14″   Open Size: 20″ x 14″ 



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singer sewn binding
Overhead view of center sewn trade show promo catalog, designed to look like a passport
closeup view of center sewn binding from center spread of booklet
Rounded corners often accompany this format