Smyth Sewn Binding

Smyth Sewn Binding is used for projects such as journals, coffee table editions and occasional children’s books.

A layflat binding style that is has a long historic reputation: Smyth sewing, is a process of sewing thread through the folded edge of folded and gathered signatures.  This technique allows pages lay open throughout the entire book. Generally speaking, printed forms should be 16 ~ 24 page signatures, depending on the thickness of the paper.

While more and more projects being printed digitally are usually PUR adhesive bound, there are still some situations where Smyth Sewn Binding is a viable solution. Smyth sewing with our methods is generally more expensive and time lines are longer due to several extra steps of folding, collating and sewing, etc.

Martin Pugh, Book Publishing manager at Marathon, also runs Design Bindery LLC in Lincoln, NE  which owns an old Smyth # 12 Sewing machine and has been coordinating Smyth sewn book projects together with Marathon for several years.

Min size book: 4″ w x 6″ h.     48 pages minimum

Max Size Book: 10.25″ w  x 13″ w   30 signatures maximum

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