Book Cover Finishing Technique: Spot UV and Raised UV

Book Cover Finishing Technique: Spot UV and Raised UV

Looking for a nice extra dimension to your next book cover project? Spot UV and Raised UV are excellent value added features we have been using recently at Marathon. The example above was a book we produced for Legacy Preservation of Omaha. The cover was printed in 4 color process on 65 lb cover stock, then we apply soft touch matte lamination overall. The front cover photo is Spot gloss UV coated and the title and copy in gold have a raised UV technique. Sending your PDF file with the spot UV and raised UV elements in different layers, we can process your order accurately.

As a long time veteran of book production, I would have to say this fairly recent development in raised UV has filled a void we were often asked for in the past when a designer would ask about “embossing”. The term Embossing, means a raised image or graphic as opposed to Debossing, which refers to a depression or “sunken in” effect.

Embossing of a hard cover book was always very complicated to pull off, because at the end of a typical hardcover book being made, the cover is put into a press which applies enormous pressure. This normal procedure would potentially smash and cancel out any desirable raised effect from the embossing.

Here’s a few more pictures of that technique.

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